White Mischief is about the British kinky set in Nairobi in 1940. Coming three years after Out of Africa, a lot of moviegoers, resistant to Streep’s artifactual method, prefer this one and for what it aims to be—an exposé of the bored bitch class—it’s a highly entertaining bitch romp. You must, as a condition to that enjoyment, accept that the remarkable cast—Charles “The Hair” Dance, Greta Scacchi, Joss Ackland, Sarah Miles, Geraldine Chaplin, John Hurt, Trevor Howard and Murray Head (almost unrecognizably meaty compared to his thinness in Sunday Bloody Sunday)—is really nothing if not an emblematic poster. Acting? Attitudinizing is much more like it. Great hairdos and hats. Miles has a very memorable moment in the morgue. Based on fact, adapted from a book by James Fox (not the actor), directed by Michael Radford.


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